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Bet365 streaming solution announced from iGameMedia and Theo Technologies partnership

Updated:2024-04-02 08:45    Views:141

With an extensive history in B2B broadcasting, iGamingMedia has announced it will deliver this technology to the sportsbook market, via a partnership with Theo Technologies, and phase out the previous HLS technology.

The solution will launch exclusively in May with bet365 and Infront Bettor.

HLS is an HTTP-based adaptive bitrate stream that has a latency of up to eight seconds.

With online sports betting becoming more widespread, the need for a shorter latency to match live data feeds has grown more apparent.

The ultra-low latency service from iGameMedia, called One Platform API, will have a fixed latency of two seconds, with a sub-second service available upon request.

Mike Cobain, iGameMedia’s Chief Executive, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have partnered with Theo Technologies,Casino games who's HESP protocol is in our view, the only viable solution to ultra-low-latency at the required scale and at the required cost acceptable to the industry.

“We have been delivering sub-second socket-based streaming to the B2B industry for almost 15 years, but what is different about HESP is that it is segment-based, meaning it can be delivered using highly scalable existing HLS-orientated CDNs.”

Steven Tielemans, CEO of Theo Technologies, commented: “iGameMedia and Theo's new ultra-low latency sports streaming solution will be a game-changer for the sports betting industry.

“Rights owners can deliver their sports content to sportsbook operators in less than a second with this solution, while sportsbooks will provide a massively enhanced experience to their users.

A spokesperson for bet365 said: “We’re thrilled that in collaboration with our partners at iGameMedia, we can continue to provide the best In-Play customer experience on our industry-leading product.”

This is just another streaming-based advancement from bet365, as last month the company announced a partnership with Inspired for the Multi-Stream Matchday Soccer event.